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Our vision, mission and values

pg_1Acorn Training Consultants works to help people develop themselves, so that they can become self-sustaining in life.

Our vision is to offer ‘promising futures’ to all of our learners.
Our mission is to ‘work with communities to unlock potential’

Our values are embedded in who we are:
Accountable – in all that we do
Creative – in finding successful solutions
Outstanding – in the quality of our staff, resources and delivery
Results-focused – to achieve the maximum for all stakeholders
Nurturing – to develop individuals who are resilient and self-determining

Our commitment to all learners of any age is to support them
(and their families) to:

Enjoy a positive childhood
Stay healthy and safe
Secure an excellent education and the highest possible standards of achievement for each individual learner
Make a positive contribution to society and the economy
Have lives full of opportunity, free from the effects of poverty