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Find a job with us

At TBG Learning we work with unemployed people of all ages, from many different backgrounds who have many different reasons for being unemployed.

Whether you’re looking to find your first job, have been made redundant from an industry you’ve worked in for many years, or have been out-of-work due to illness, disability or social circumstance, we have experienced advisors that will provide a tailored approach to employment to suits your needs.

We don’t provide a course for getting a job, as everybody who comes through our doors is different. What we do provide is a tailored service that suits you. This could include some help with writing a CV, it could be completing one of our training courses to re-skill or up-skill, it could be arranging a work placement with a local employer so you can build up your confidence and gain some on-the-job experience to put on your CV.

If you want to know more about how we can help you to get a job, contact your nearest TBG Learning centre.