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Aged 16-18?

How do you get a job without experience?
How do you get experience without a job?

If you’re aged 16-18 and looking to get a job there are probably several reasons why you’re finding it difficult to secure work. Many young people we work with at TBG Learning don’t have any work experience, and many didn’t achieve the qualifications at school needed to get into college – or to prove the right skill level to get the job they want.

Before applying for jobs there are certain steps that you need to take to make yourself more employable, to meet the needs and requirements that employers set when recruiting. At TBG Learning we can provide a range of pre-employment training, qualifications and work-placement opportunities. If you’re dream job requires a certain level of knowledge and achievement, then TBG Learning can help you gain the basic skill requirements to go to college and study the relevant subject needed. Your desired job may only require you to have basic skills such as maths, English and IT – you can study these subjects and many more at TBG Learning.

Once you have the skills you need we can then help you secure a work trial or work placement so that you can gain some on-the-job experience. After this we can help you search and apply for jobs.

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