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Work placements

pg_2Along with our recruitment and support services, TBG Learning would also like to work with employers who are able to help young learners and unemployed people develop their skills and gain valuable on-the-job experience through a work placement.

Work placements play an important part in helping people to build their confidence; whether they’re looking to get their first job, have been made redundant or are possibly long-term unemployed; which can leave people doubting their skills and ability. Additionally, the experiences individuals gain during their placement enhances their skills and understanding, helping to bring theory to life, crystallising their job aspirations and bringing them closer to employment.

Work placement candidates remain on benefits whilst on placement and are supported by TBG Learning throughout their time with you; placements are at no cost to the employer, except the time invested in managing the temporary worker.

Contact your nearest TBG Learning centre for more information.