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Directions Services

DirectionsA new way to help lower the NEET percentage

All of us at Acorn Training Consultants are extremely excited to announce the launch of our NEW ‘Directions Service’.

Our new IAG sign-poster and placement generator service has been created to support everybody in the community from Government funders, 3rd Sector and Private Organisations and all of our local Derbyshire schools to help tackle the Derbyshire NEET agenda together.

With an objective of creating community, charity and Government referall partnerships throughout Derbyshire and beyond, Directions will be hosting ‘Direction Days’ across multiple sites every month, creating endless opportunities to engage with people, distribute provision and partner information and welcoming any partner referrals aged 16-24 in need of extra provision and support. Our trained staff will offer guidance and support that is right for the individual and direct them towards the options that give them the best opportunity to succeed.  

Every successful outcome will be allocated back to the referral agency to ensure they receive merit, but more importantly a progression will have been made for a person that needs it the most.

Lets get together
We all offer services and have our own targets to hit, but together we can all succeed. Would you like us to distribute your provision or host an event or weekly/monthly 'Direction Day' in partnership with your organisation? No problem! Simply give us a call on 01773 747 377 and ask for the Directions team or contact us here today to discuss.  To organise a Directions Day, give our team a date, a time and a space to set up and they'll do the rest. We will even generate all posters and promotional materials prior to the day.

If you'd like to find out more about our services, seek extra provision within your school or organisation or would simply like support in lowering the NEET percentage in your local community, please contact us for more information.