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Supply chain fees and charges policy

Reason for subcontracting
Acorn Training Consultants subcontracts some of its training provision in order to expand its offer, giving learners a wider breadth of opportunities in areas in which Acorn Training Consultants either does not have provision or is unable to deliver the volume required.

Ensuring and improving quality
Acorn Training Consultants works with its subcontractors to manage the quality of provision. Acorn Training Consultants reserves the right to use independent specialists or specialists within the wider Babington Group  to assist in managing the quality of provision. Acorn Training Consultants is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Babington Group.

Supply Chain Fee information for subcontractors
Subcontracted provision usually has a management fee of between 12.5 - 20% associated with it.

Acorn Training Consultants will negotiate the exact fee with subcontractors to reflect the level of support required and the associated risk to the delivery partnership.

The fees and charges policy is part of the contract process and partners must agree to the fees by signing their subcontract prior to delivery.

The support subcontractors receive for the fee
All subcontractor's paperwork and data is checked and maintained by Acorn Training Consultants. Where applicable funding claims to the relevant funding organisation will be made. The support will also include:

  • Assistance and checks for contract compliance
  • Data entry and claims for funding
  • Audit of learner files
  • Quality assurance through classroom observation
  • Sharing best practices with the partner

Payment terms
Partners are paid in arrears based on claims validated with the funding organisation (eg. SFA/EFA). The subcontractor will raise an invoice upon receipt of an invoice authorisation. Acorn Training Consultants will then pay invoices within 30 days.

Policy Review
The policy will be reviewed annually at the start of each academic year.