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Success stories

  • Meg Pilgrim
    I feel like I have gained lots of experience and I’m learning every day.
    16 year old Meg Pilgrim decided to get herself an Apprenticeship as this was a great way for her to be learning and earning at the same time. Meg applied for the Level 2 Business Administration Apprenticeship here at Acorn Training Consultants and has been working on the main reception since the summer of last year.
    Meg Pilgrim
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  • Sarah Weller
    As an Apprentice, I've been treated as a team member which has really helped me feel comfortable and confident at work. I've learnt a lot of new skills and the support from my Managers has been great.
    Sarah was taken on by Futures Housing in Ripley as an Apprentice in the human resources department.
    Sarah Weller
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  • Michael Wright
    This programme helped me get the qualification I didn't even know I needed to do the job I wanted, now I'm able to do exactly that. This was a positive experience for me and I would tell anyone to do the same.
    Michael has faced significant barriers to achieving employment. Some of these personal barriers have had a profound affect on his well being and confidence in the learning sector. Michael has never enjoyed being at school and suffers from ADHD which aggravated his dislike for being in a classroom. This ultimately hindered Michael in school and he did not achieve the grades he wanted.
    Michael Wright
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  • Kieran Harrison
    I was kicked out of school because of my attitude but here it was a much calmer environment. It was just much quieter and helped me to work.
    Kieran was permanently excluded from school due to poor behaviour. The school enrolled him onto their own Foundation Learning Tier programme but this didn't work out for him, and his poor behaviour continued.
    Kieran Harrison
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  • Lewis Gillott
    I really enjoy coming to work every day, I’m learning all the time and I’m getting paid. I’m so glad I took the first step of joining the Academy.
    18 year old Lewis Gillott joined Acorn Academy’s Innovate programme in October 2014 having left College in August of that year. Apprenticeship instead and enrolled himself on to Acorn Academy’s Innovate programme to improve his chances.
    Lewis Gillott
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  • Chelsea Taylor
    “I found Innovate useful because it gave me the motivation to find a job and helped me with my CV building. I enjoyed the group activities the most and I found the CV/cover letter information most useful. “The staff always treated me with respect and I would definitely recommend it to someone.”
    Chelsea faced significant barriers to achieving employment. She'd been unemployed since leaving college, lived in care and suffered low confidence and self-esteem.
    Chelsea Taylor
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