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Michael Wright

Michael Wright

Michael has faced significant barriers to achieving employment. Some of these personal barriers have had a profound affect on his well being and confidence in the learning sector. Michael has never enjoyed being at school and suffers from ADHD which aggravated his dislike for being in a classroom. This ultimately hindered Michael in school and he did not achieve the grades he wanted.

Michael was anxious before coming on the course as he’s never had a good learning experience. He was open and honest from the start about his past experiences and his current situation; however he was determined to make his young boy proud as he begins to raise a family.

During the course Michael had a very good attendance including two days authorised holiday. Michael also had a motorbike accident during the course and despite having a fractured knee cap and bruises he still made the effort to attend; that is motivation!

Michael was determined to reach his goal of gaining his CSCS card, as it would open so many windows of opportunity for Michael to be able to develop a career in a role he really enjoys.

Michael successfully passed his Level 1 Health and Safety in Construction and CSCS test and is now able to work on building sites with the knowledge he’s learned on the course.

"This programme helped me get the qualification I didn't even know I needed to do the job I wanted, now I'm able to do exactly that. This was a positive experience for me and I would tell anyone to do the same."

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